Trumpets for Trump: TIME Magazine


TIME Magazine has just announced that Mr Donald J Trump, a.k.a President elect is officially…2016 Person of the year!

Am I surprised? Am I shocked? Am I sad? Am I happy?

Nothing about 2016 surprises me anymore.

When the two candidates in an election for the most respected seat in the world is out of:

  1. Hilary Clinton-A woman with political experience a former lawyer who defended rapists.Her husband was former President and also a sexual predator (if you do research).-But that’s the past right? Oh yeah she’s a crook, need we forget her email issues…that’s just what the general population can see…there is obviously more.
  2. Donald J Trump- A man who has faced bankruptcy numerous times, a businessman who built his “Trumpire” on slave labour. Preaches about make America great again, a.k.a intensifying racial tensions amongst Americans….brought the racists out of lurking in the shadows of society. He spewed hatred against immigrants (guess he will divorce his wife with an accent…just saying).

Anyway…Mr Trump is now President elect (hasn’t had his inauguration yet) has now won person of the year…WOW.

I have read so many articles on the justifications of this man becoming person of the year. -In summary “an explosive person needs to be remembered”. Looking back at the history of TIME magazine person of the year there has been Adolf Hitler (1938), Joseph Stalin (1939 and 1942) and even the threat to the British throne Wallis Simpson (1936).

So if explosive is what they want…they got it. Trump has had the most press coverage out of anything this year (including Syria) and divided an already divided nation! . It gives such a huge insight into the world that we live in that we pay s much focus on a showman than humanity.

I am being very careful to not add to this annoyance a.k.a Trump, so enjoy the memes.


Final words I will leave to Trump, his words upon receipt f this honour:

“I was lucky enough to receive the Time Person of the Year,” Trump said in Des Moines, Iowa, 3rd rally on his “Thank You America” victory tour. “They used to call it ‘Man of the Year,’ but they can’t do that anymore, so they call it ‘person.’ They want to be politically correct. That’s OK.”




Science graduation: The future

Recently, I have been fortunate enough to attend the graduation of science apprentices whilst working here. On 4th November, I was asked to go along to the event and “cover it” with live media coverage a write a formal piece to be released. It was an amazing event and made me really excited to graduate. The Royal Society of Chemistry was so beautiful and luckily it was opposite Fortnum and Mason so it was win-win. I was able to experience someone’s achievements, explore new culture and SHOP…well window shop.

I found out the day before that I would be covering the vent and at first I was excited! My next thoughts was fear/nerves. It was going to be the first event I would be going to alone, especially since science is not my speciality I was nervous…but I know how to network. Also there were members of the HR and the apprentices mentors there from LGC, but to be honest from reading there names I wouldn’t recognise them if I passed them in the street! Thank goodness for the internal social platform they have here, I was able to familiarise myself with them all prior to meeting them. #SPY…Well not really a spy, just a nosey, wise and PR-savvy gal. Anyway, below is the piece I wrote on the day for them.

Unfortunately I can’t upload the images I took for them because it would breach procedures…but the ones on my phone are fair game lol.(HEADS UP: The style of writing had to correspond with the writing guide I was given once I started working there.)

Enjoy reading!!


On 4th November, 14 of our apprentices attended their graduation ceremony at the prestigious Royal Society of Chemistry in London.  After an 18 month apprenticeship, across various LGC sites in the UK, these candidates have been rewarded for all their hard work and passion for learning.

In attendance was Dr Derek Craston, LGC Chief Scientific Officer , who gave a talk on the importance of apprenticeships. He explained how the skill of learning as you work is integral in the progression of business.   He went on to further explain that LGC has seen 60 people through the apprenticeship programme and out of those, 80% of them have continued in the field of science by working for the organisation or going on to university. In addition, this year there was a special speaker, a former LGC apprentice Kiefer Simpson, who attended the ceremony to share his experiences of being an apprentice and the benefits of becoming a registered technician.    Kiefer explained that “all the skills [I learned] are transferable and enabled me to move up the career ladder.” Kiefer’s lasting advice to the new graduates was to “take any and every opportunity… don’t see it as more work, see it as more experience and knowledge.”  Kiefer currently works as a hair transplant manager for a private medical organisation. Surrounded by their mentors, friends and family, our apprentices were awarded the RSciTech award, courtesy of the Royal Society of Chemistry. The apprentices also received a range of qualifications which were Lv3 BTEC in applied science and Lv4 HNC in chemical science industry. In addition to being awarded the laboratory and technical skills NVQ L4. All of these awards are accredited and will provide credible strength in their portfolios, for future reference.   The lasting highlight of the ceremony saw LGC’s Caitlin Harding win the award of Higher Apprentice of the year. She has been praised by her mentors and colleagues for her inquisitive nature and hard working demeanour.  The ceremony also saw current student apprentice, Tonicha Roberts win the runner-up award for her passion for learning and dedication to her role! Congratulations to all the Advanced Apprentice Graduates: Emelia Zullo, Dale Wright, Gemma Watts, Beth Horton, Gurminder Mann, Abbie Oliver, Lucy Parkins, Sophie Appleton and Joseph Evans.  Also a congratulations to the Higher Apprentice Graduates: Caitlin Harding, Tom Howard, Daniel Beasley, and Ellie Taylor.

“LGC continues to be committed to the apprenticeship scheme.” Dr Derek Craston



Week 4: Site Tour

Week commencing 10th August!!!!

I  try and fit everything into a weekly planner and the one thing that always finds a way to not any attention is my blog.

I scribble done notes galore and never post, so apologies for the delay (again). This week has been very interesting for me, from the highs of a lab tour (yes I wore the lab coat, goggles and gloves!) and the lows of being sick. The week started well and I got to meet two members from the standards team here, Kaf and Emilie, which was overwhelming at first and they sat with me for over an hour breaking down their division. I appreciated it so much. The best part was actually receiving my freebies at the end. Inside the bag I got a pocket mouse, Balmain organiser and a lot of other cool bits which due to legal reasons I cannot specify…therefore you know it was good stuff.

The second highlight of the week was the lab tour visit, where I got taken on a tour and I saw all the machines they use for their DNA extraction. One thing I found truly fascinating was the fact that they designed and built their own machines. It was such a chilled work environment and they were laughing and joking, kit was surreal that they have such a joy for they work and enjoy it so much. That’s what life is about.

Hoddesdon visit

One of divisions I hadn’t been introduced to at LGC was Genomics and I was fortunate Inside Hoddesdonenough to go on a site tour to LGC Genomics UK Facility in Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire.

The lab itself was quite big and I was surprised that it’s base was in an industrial estate, but as the saying goes “never judge a book by its cover!”

 It was very impressive, in genomics they use their expertise in “DNA extraction, sequencing and PCR to enable scientists and companies feed, cure and protect the world’s population”.
They supply genomic services from our UK, Germany and US laboratories, to over 2,000 global customers in research, pharma/biotech, government, applied and clinical markets.
– Basically, they are very very important and play crucial roles in survival?
ANSWER: yes!!
Check out the video below to see what they can do…KASP
Anyway unfortunately my week ended up being cut short due to stomach bug and I was bed ridden for the rest of the week….I know sad times




LGC- Week 2 and Week 3

(ICYMI Week 2…commenced 25th July 2016.)

So…this week I have been stuck into the organisation and relationships (strictly platonic) with colleagues are building…slowly. This week I wasn’t the newbie in the office…work experience. This week I was joined by a passionate young scientist who wants a career in biology. He was really nice and eager. Having him in the office gave me a drive to completely discover the depth of the company and strike out for the opportunities. It was strange, as I still felt new, to show someone who was brand new the “ropes”. It showed me that they must have a lot of faith in me to assist him long the way.

I continued my mission of finding out more into LGC and I have been introduced to some of the divisions this week which were:Science and Innovation, Corporate and Food Authenticity.

I shall summarise what I know, so far:

Science and Innovation- The iknow and ithink division. Science is always evolving and this division is creating new techniques of thinking. They have set up a ithink social media platform, where scientists are able to put forward new findings and ideas that they have. The second one is iknow, which is the social media platform where scientists are able to post/share their published work. The “iknow” and “ithink” platforms help stimulate the sharing of finding d to organically advance science on a global platform.

Food Authenticity-  The food authenticity is actually not a division within LGC but it was an incentive stemmed from the organisation and is overseen by Selvarani Elahi, the Deputy Government Chemist at LGC. It came to fruition after the Elliott review “Integrity and Assurance of Food Supply Network” aims to raise awareness of the tools available to check for mislabelling and food fraud.

Corporate-  This is were my team is placed. Group communications. Under this division, we also have the Chief Executives. There is also the Marketing, Finance, IT,  Legal and HR teams.

Did you know that LGC is 1 of 11 government approved DNA testing companies in the UK!

I was fortunate enough to meet THE sector manager of the DNA speciation team. This team carry out DNA testing on food and food related products and DNA relationship testing. The DNA speciation manager, Vic Moore, explained her role within the organisation and showed me how DNA parentage is determined. A key fact I found out is that it is actually not 50/50 split DNA we receive from our parents, we slightly have more of our maternal DNA than paternal but they can both be used in identifying origins.

I was also introduced to some of their projects that her department are currently doing. One big project is helping in identifying the bodies found from World War One, in Fromelles. This year was the 100 year anniversary and the team went along to the memorial and re-visited the site. It looked incredible. Check out the video below and watch all about it. It’s an amazing project and I hope I can become more involved with.

This week I was also introduced to the Deputy Government Chemist, Selvarani Elahi, who is involved in the Food Authenticity Network as well. She had a great deal of knowledge and wisdom she shared for working within this organisation and also what was expected of me in aiding the Network.

One thing I truly appreciate about everyone I have met so far is that they are so open to my questions and can also sense when I’m slightly confused as well. They have all extended the olive branch for me, to discover more about their roles and I will continue my communications with them.


Week 3!!

Finally I can write about my 3rd week at LGC. It’s weird being here for three weeks now, it still feels brand new -but at the same time its routine now.

Over the past two weeks, I have been given a lot of trust and responsibility by my line manager, who allows me to have free rein across all external communications, in particular the social media platforms. I have started to gather ideas, using inspiration from companies with similar ethos and working through which devices will work for LGC.  I set up a meeting with my manager so I can pitch some of my ideas for them and also for the 175th anniversary next year. Exciting times.

Agnes Proust. This is the name of my placement tutor and she is lovely. Agnes came to visit this week to see how I was settling in to the role and if I had been trained/welcomed into the organisation. We spoke over, the monthly reports I need to submit in order to get a distinction for this placement year. My next meeting with her will be in October and I look forward to telling her everything I have been up to.

The star moment for me this week, was sitting in the ATCC meeting on design, packaging and marketing. I went with the design team, to watch them in action speak about a new design launch they had been working on. The marketing teams for that specific division and LGC marketing as a brand, all had conflicting ideas on which design to use. It was tense at times, a few passive aggressive remarks, slightly uncomfortable for me. The most surprising thing about the whole meeting was them asking me for my advice on how to reach their stakeholders and the best channels to communicate it through. I WAS GOBSMACKED. I shook it off and my mind and my mouth synced up and my ideas and facts started to flow really well. They were all receptive of my ideas and open to trying them out for launching the product. I was very pleased.

The end of my work week was bad.I fell. I fell going up the stairs to the staff toilimageset, gashed my knee AND ripped a hole in the knee of my leggings. To make matters worse, I had to fill in a form and log it into the system which is now visible for all employees to see on the internal site. When I type in my name that’s the first link that pops up, followed by all the articles I have written/submitted online. Embarrassed doesn’t even cover how I felt. The one good thing about it all….it happened at the end of the week.

One word for the accident…OUCH!!!

Read more for my clumsy moments.




LGC Group Beginnings

So 18th July, signified the start of a new beginning for Cleo. I finally started my placement year (yes, I have been an eager beaver) at LGC Group, Teddington as the new group communications

I achieved my original goals from my PR Careers interview and secured that placement. LGC group is a “global leader in the laboratory services, measurement standards, reference materials, genomics and proficiency testing market places.” This basically means that they are juggling (and managing) a lot of balls in science. From DNA analysis to food authenticity to tests for doping (in sports). The plethora of clientele that they are have is impressive and the history of the company is a good read. So here are my questions and answers I have found so far on my journey.


  1. When was it founded?  1842, London
  2.  Why established? To regulate the adulteration of tobacco which was prohibited under the Pure Tobacco Act.
  3. Originally called?? Laboratory of the Government Chemist
  4. Why LGC group now? It was privatised in ’96 and owned by funds affiliated to KKRlgcm
  5. How many employees at LGC? In 1996 there was only 270 employees, now (due to privatisation) over 2,000 employees
  6. How many sites does it have? 50 sites, operates in 22 countries
  7. International? Yes, across 5 continents


That’s LGC in 7 questions!

My role of group communications assistant involves a number of tasks,  one of my key responsibilities is monitoring all social media activity and seek out trends in this sector. I manage their Twitter feed for: @lgcgroup@fauthenticity@lgcforensics, daily…well actually four times a day each. I help send out press releases and utilise my Gorkana knowledge and also my SEO (search engine optimisation) training! I also help manage the internal site for employees and I am able to edit/create new pages. #editor #writer #relax.


I am thoroughly enjoying my time at LGC, there is so much knowledge  and different points of view. Learning something new every day, which I love…can’t reveal all the secrets, due to the nature of the business and for my reputation. It is amazing, there should be opening days coming up and I will keep you all posted if you would like to pop down.


One of the reasons I wanted to join this organisation is because of it’s ethos:

I hope to grow in knowledge, skills set and mind. I shall keep you updated with all events of my 12 month placement at LGC group, Teddington.




Justice Sponsored To Walk?

Last Monday I was fortunate enough to be told about volunteering for legal aid. My first instinct was ” I want to help” and the second was “How do I help??”. I prayed that there would be no running involved and not a quiz on my Law knowledge. Luckily for me it was a volunteering position that involved events and communications…my speciality!

The independent charity that organises the annual event of the London Legal Walk is the London Legal Support Trust. The Trust raises funds for free legal services in London & the South East by providing them with grant funding alongside other forms of support (knowledge and contacts).

The London Legal Walk included:

  • 618 teams (these teams included lawyers, barrister, judges and people affiliated with work in the Law),
  • 10,500 Walkers
  • A handful of delightful volunteers (me included)

The effort of everyone and all the sponsors, currently the amount raised is £700,000 and the money is continually coming in.

Each different team had specialised t-shirts showing which organisation they worked for. it was quite interesting to watch them walking around London for charity and also free promotional work for their company. #Clever #TakeNotes   (SOME PICS BELOW!!!)

All of the volunteers were given t-shirts and fabulous goody bags filled with sweets, stress balls, pens and pads from some of the different participating law firms. If I ever need a lawyer I have plenty of promotional products .#Grateful


Our task was to help set up for the day (i.e. blowing up balloons and delegating tasks to other participants/volunteers) and the second part of the day was getting to our allocated posts (my team was posted in Green Park #fabulous) and encourage participants to keep going and also give them directions and information about the journey ahead of them. One of my favourite parts was being able to communicate with general member s of the public and inform/educate the about this annual charity event. We were also able to direct traffic to the London Legal Support Trust website and hopefully raised a lot of awareness.

Below you can see some of the tactics utilised my my team….


All in all it was a fabulous day and I will be participating again next year. After all it is a great cause and PR Law is becoming increasingly popular and important in 2016!!

PR Careers: Introducing me!

A short and sweet THANK YOU!!!!!!

I was so grateful for the opportunity and platform I was given by PR Careers….A student profile!!!

For the past few months Sarah Stimson, writer, recruiter, author and editor of PR Careers. Yes she is very successful and amazing at what she does both, utilising her PR skills in an approach similar to a philanthropist, by helping others step up within the industry.

I started following Sarah on twitter, when I went into my second year of university. I made I promise to myself to engage more into the social media and try and look for people C Lindo 16.02.10 GW Portrait6862within the industry for inspiration. I hope my interview doesn’t disappoint.


Here’s the link Cleo Lindo: PR Careers

I hope you all enjoy it and feel free to ask any additional questions. Just send me an e-mail or tweet and I will reply to you as always.

Keep smiling!